We believe in the power of


Helping Businesses understand the future

We believe in the power of foresight to make better decisions – offering businesses the chance to look around corners to explore the impact of different outcomes for their future. This can be achieved quickly, cost-effectively and risk-free. Silico is the only platform that coordinates data and human knowledge to build powerful simulations of your business. Silico simulations give decision makers the ability to try out decisions in Silico before they are made in the real world.

What is foresight?

"Silico really lived up to expectations. In 30 years, I've never seen a piece of software that can help us manage change the way that this can. Our financial forecasting has been transformed."
Finance Director & Silico Customer

Deploy foresight in:

Business Transformation
Use foresight to understand the impact of investments and prioritise accordingly.
Demand Forecasting
Use foresight to create a dynamic forward looking view of demand drivers
Financial Planning
Use foresight to your future financial position and optimise actions
Margin Optimisation
Use foresight to explore a range of market conditions and plot your best course
Digital Transformation
Use foresight to understand the impact of digital transformation projects
Sales & Marketing
Use foresight to link sales and marketing metrics to likely outcomes