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Finance Transformation from the top to the bottom line with Silico

Good financial health is the cornerstone of every thriving organisation, requiring continuous analysis and strategic decision-making in a volatile and uncertain economic environment.

Business Process Simulation (BPS) with Silico lets you create a Digital Twin of your Organisation (DTO), unlocking new levels of efficiency and simplifying financial management. By running forward-looking simulations, your finance teams can optimise processes, anticipate future scenarios, and make informed decisions at a pace that positively impacts cash flow.

“By combining Silico Simulation and process mining, our finance team has gained the ability to swiftly navigate financial complexities, make proactive decisions, and keep pace with the ever-changing business landscape.”

What are the Benefits of using Silico for your Finance Teams?

Silico enables you to elevate your finance team’s processes through forward-looking simulations of your operations. Maximise efficiency, improve cash flow management and mitigate risks of the unknown.

Empowered financial decision-making:

Test how forward-looking scenarios impact your organisation’s cash flow and, in turn, your bottom line, making accurate and data-driven decisions you can trust.

Enhanced risk mitigation:

Simulation allows finance teams to react instantly and mitigate financial risks by running scenarios and analysing their potential outcomes. Identify vulnerabilities, quantify risks, and develop contingency plans to minimise potential losses.

Increased forecasting and planning accuracy:

Generate accurate financial forecasts and plans with simulations directly linked to your organisation’s processes, providing valuable insights into future financial outcomes.

Improved operational efficiency:

Enable your finance teams to identify valuable recommendations and insights rather than time wasted collating data or creating siloed spreadsheets and financial models.

How to get started with Business Process Simulation for your Finance teams

Silico can develop a Business Process Simulation model for your processes and link them to financials in as little as four weeks with:

An understanding of your processes from either process mapping, process mining, business intelligence tools, or discussions with your team

Your ideas for scenarios to challenge and future-proof your processes in forward-looking circumstances

Your ideas for process improvements and transformation initiatives that require testing and evaluation

A full Digital Twin of your Organisation for finance transformations also requires:

Real-time data integration to your relevant systems

An understanding of decisions and problems of your operational decision-makers

How it Works...

Let’s take a look at how a financial simulation model works with Silico:

Model your business in Silico

Use existing process assets, including process maps and mining graphs, to virtually replicate your processes and link processes together and to commercial outcomes.

Synchronise with real-time data

We integrate all relevant data sources, including process mining, process maps, and task mining, as well as ERP and CRM systems.

Analyse your as-is process

Run forward-looking scenarios to ensure your processes are future-proof, identify issues before they occur, and focus transformation efforts.

Prioritise process changes

Silico provides a risk-free, virtual environment to experiment with improvement ideas to identify the actionable process changes that optimise the KPIs that matter to your stakeholders.

Optimise your process

Monitor your processes in real time and use advanced AI features to identify the most impactful improvement initiatives and operational actions for optimal business process performance.

Level up your Finance Team

What are the different roles involved in process simulation for finance transformation?

Chief Financial Officers

Get a real-time view of their entire organisation and where it is headed next to take corrective action where required and capture opportunities as they emerge.

Management Accountants

Test financial forecasts and plans, giving them valuable insights into future financial outcomes.

Finance Directors

React instantly to their organisation’s vulnerabilities, quantifying risks with ease and testing contingency plans to minimise potential losses.

Sales and Operations

Determine their optimal products and pricing structures, targeting those which provide the best returns for their organisation.