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Silico 2.0 Process Simulation

Silico has pushed the frontier of Process Simulation, and we’re excited to share news of this release with you. Working alongside our partners and customers, we are constantly innovating to set higher standards in process excellence technology.

Silico 2.0 is all about accelerating the time to insight - making it faster than ever to get started with Process Simulation - and scale all the way to a Digital Twin of a set of connected processes. It is our mission to enable the Digital Twin of the Organisation, and this release brings our customers another step closer to that reality.

“Silico’s Business Process Simulation has been a game-changer for our process excellence initiative. By utilising the Digital Twin of our processes, we could identify and pre-empt potential issues before they arise, saving us significant time and resources.”

Faster time to insight

One-click from Process Discovery to Process Simulation

With Synth, you can import outputs from process discovery tools, including time stamped data points, BPMN files and process mining outputs to build simulations in seconds.

Import your processes into Silico using industry standard BPMN format. Direct connections to import your processes from ARIS Cloud are available as an add on for our Enterprise customers

Increased Scalability

Build bigger and better than ever before, scale up to a Digital Twin of the entire Organisation

Our new execution framework runs powerful simulations in native code via an accelerator that speeds up executions by > 10x. Simulate 10x faster, or 10x the size of your Digital Twin, the choice is yours.

AI-powered Process Optimisation

Find the process variants and automations that drive ROI back to the business

Our optimiser crunches through calculations to find the optimal combination of process changes to maximise business outcomes. And we’re already working on the next generation…

How can Business Process Simulation work with other technologies:

Process Mapping

Process Mapping visualises your current and potential operating models. Business Process Simulation unlocks additional value from your process maps by generating Digital Twins that replicate and quantify your process maps to enable decision optimisation.

Process Mining

Process Mining discovers and analyses your as-is process using historical data. After Process Mining, nearly all data points for a Digital Twin have been collected to unlock the power of Process Simulation.

Task Mining

Task Mining captures userbehaviour in your systems. Using BPS, Task Mining data is combined into a Digital Twin of the entire process and connected to commercial outcomes to make holistic changes that improve performance across the board.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) uses bots to remove manual work from repetitive tasks. Business Process Simulation can tell you if automation is the best solution and where to deploy it for maximal impact without negative side effects.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) tools help you make sense of large amounts of data and monitor your organisation. BPS can synchronise with BI tool's data and feed them into Digital Twins in real-time to inform and improve your decisions.


Win more client opportunities:

Through partnering with Silico and offering our innovative Business Process Simulation technology, there is a better chance of winning more client opportunities.

Drive extra value for existing clients:

Our Simulations provide you with the opportunity to offer an easy-to-use, new service to your clients to drive extra value out of the relationships for minimal effort.


We are one of the first to learn a new and growing disciple. As a partner, Silico will provide a top-class training course and 4 training sessions to enable you to be an expert in Business Process Simulation.

Revenue Share:

Receive 10% of first-year net sales revenue received by Silico from your Referral of a Silico Platform.

Lead Generation:

Silico actively refers clients when the opportunity arises. Partnering with us will give the opportunity to generate more client opportunities as Silico are looking for delivery partners and are a partner-first organisation.

Joint Marketing:

Take advantage of marketing kits to help you go to market, generate demand and progress the pipeline. Also, work with Silico to develop joint marketing campaigns.

Access to Silico Platform:

Partners are able to use the Silico platform for free to better learn how to use it and to provide demos and proof of value to clients.

The Official Silico 2.0
Reveal Webinar

Join us on 13th September 2023 at 12pm BST as we reveal Silico 2.0, the new frontier of Process Simulation. Here, we will unveil the next generation of Process Simulation, Silico 2.0, and show a full demonstration of the new features that accelerate your time to value.

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