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Process Mining and Process Simulation

Business Process Simulation: Take your Process Mapping to the Next Level

Process mining alongside Process Simulation is a crucial combination for staying competitive. The binding of process mining and process simulation demands more than just optimising your processes—it requires a comprehensive understanding of how those processes operate and the ability to predict their outcomes.

This is where the dynamic duo of process mining and Process Simulation comes into play, offering a powerful approach to process improvement that goes beyond traditional methods.

Business Process Simulation complements process mining by offering a forward-looking perspective, allowing organisations to model, test, and validate various scenarios based on the real process insights identified through process mining.

Want to actually see how it works with your Process Mining tools? Watch this for a quick overview.

“Silico’s Business Process Simulation has been a game-changer for our process excellence initiative. By utilising the Digital Twin of our processes, we could identify and pre-empt potential issues before they arise, saving us significant time and resources.”

Process Mining: Revealing the Truth About Your Processes

Process mining platforms are the process improvement tool used to uncover the hidden gems within your organisation's operations. It starts by automatically capturing and analysing event data from your systems and applications, providing a clear and objective picture of how your processes function. By mapping out the actual flow of activities, deviations, bottlenecks, and compliance issues become apparent. This data-driven approach is often described as having X-ray vision for your processes, allowing you to see what's happening beneath the surface.

Business Process Simulation: Revealing the Future of Your Processes

Now, imagine taking those insights from your Process Mining platform and taking them to the next level with Process Simulation.

Business Process Simulation (BPS) is like a crystal ball for your operations. It enables you to create virtual environments where you can test "what-if" scenarios and simulate the impact of process changes before implementing them in the real world. This predictive power is invaluable for decision-makers seeking to optimise processes while minimising risks. Process Simulation also links these insights directly to operational and commercial Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that matter to your organisation.

Process Simulation is a technique used to model an organisation’s processes and simulate their performance in different conditions and future scenarios.

On the other hand, Process Mining platforms use event logs to explore and analyse an organisation’s processes. It reconstructs the sequence of events that have taken place in the past, providing insights into the process flow, bottlenecks, and inefficiencies. A Process Mining platform is often used for process discovery to discover the as-is state of a business process, providing a factual baseline for process improvement.

What are the benefits of Business Process Simulation above a Process Mining platform?


Unlike Process Mining which is retrospective and focuses on understanding past events, Process Simulation is analytical and future-focused. It enables organisations to model and simulate potential future scenarios and visualise the effects of changes. This can be instrumental in strategic decision-making and planning for future growth and improvements.

Interconnected Analysis:

Process Simulation provides the ability to analyse the impact of changes in one part of the process on the whole. This is particularly useful in complex processes where changes can have ripple effects throughout the system.

Align with Objectives:

Process Simulation allows for the direct linking of process performance to key performance and commercial objectives, ensuring that process improvements are aligned with your organisation’s objectives.

How does Silico’s Process Simulation differs from the simulation capacity of a process mining software?

Flexibility and Control:

Silico offers the flexibility to alter processes as you would in real life, allowing you to change what you want and immediately see the effect. This level of control and immediacy is not typically available in process mining tools, which are more focused on analysing historical data and process bottlenecks.

Focus on Business Outcomes:

Silico enables you to connect your decisions to your business outcomes, eliminating guesswork and uncertainty and offering a clear view into the future of your business. Process mining tools, on the other hand, is more centred on understanding and improving the existing processes based on historical event logs without a direct link to strategic business outcomes.

Adaptability and Continuous Optimisation:

Silico offers an adaptable, transparent simulation platform. It enables continuous experimentation with process variants and optimisations, a feature often lacking in process mining simulation tools, thereby allowing decision-makers to test and improve processes on an ongoing basis, in real time.

Revenue Share:

Receive 10% of first-year net sales revenue received by Silico from your Referral of a Silico Platform.

Access to Silico Platform:

Partners are able to use the Silico platform for free to better learn how to use it and to provide demos and proof of value to clients.

How can Business Process Simulation work with other technologies:

Process Mapping

Process Mapping visualises your current and potential operating models. Business Process Simulation unlocks additional value from your process maps by generating Digital Twins that replicate and quantify your process maps to enable decision optimisation.

Process Mining

Process Mining discovers and analyses your as-is process using historical data. After Process Mining, nearly all data points for a Digital Twin have been collected to unlock the power of Process Simulation.

Task Mining

Task Mining captures userbehaviour in your systems. Using BPS, Task Mining data is combined into a Digital Twin of the entire process and connected to commercial outcomes to make holistic changes that improve performance across the board.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) uses bots to remove manual work from repetitive tasks. Business Process Simulation can tell you if automation is the best solution and where to deploy it for maximal impact without negative side effects.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) tools help you make sense of large amounts of data and monitor your organisation. BPS can synchronise with BI tool's data and feed them into Digital Twins in real-time to inform and improve your decisions.


Win more client opportunities:

Through partnering with Silico and offering our innovative Business Process Simulation technology, there is a better chance of winning more client opportunities.

Drive extra value for existing clients:

Our Simulations provide you with the opportunity to offer an easy-to-use, new service to your clients to drive extra value out of the relationships for minimal effort.


We are one of the first to learn a new and growing disciple. As a partner, Silico will provide a top-class training course and 4 training sessions to enable you to be an expert in Business Process Simulation.

Revenue Share:

Receive 10% of first-year net sales revenue received by Silico from your Referral of a Silico Platform.

Lead Generation:

Silico actively refers clients when the opportunity arises. Partnering with us will give the opportunity to generate more client opportunities as Silico are looking for delivery partners and are a partner-first organisation.

Joint Marketing:

Take advantage of marketing kits to help you go to market, generate demand and progress the pipeline. Also, work with Silico to develop joint marketing campaigns.

Access to Silico Platform:

Partners are able to use the Silico platform for free to better learn how to use it and to provide demos and proof of value to clients.

What are the common business processes that Business Process Simulation can be used for?

Order-to-Cash (O2C)

Procure-to-Pay (P2P)

Lead-to-Cash (L2C)

Lead-to-Order (L2O)

Why is Business Process Simulation increasing in popularity?

The time is now ripe to make the most of your organisation's data and information. Business Process Simulation (BPS) is a state-of-the-art simulation methodology that enables the Digital Twin of the Organisation (DTO). It builds on the existing process ecosystem and leverages your information to rapidly build Digital Twins of your processes, connect them to commercial outcomes, test different scenarios, and identify the best course of action. With process simulation, businesses can visualise how changes to their processes will impact efficiency, costs, and productivity, enabling them to make informed decisions and take action to optimise their operations.

Strategic Decision-Making:

BPS helps businesses connect their decisions to their business outcomes, eliminating guesswork and uncertainty. This provides a clear view into the future of the business and uncovers the route to reach optimal business performance.

Continuous Improvement:

BPS allows organisations to build flexible and adaptable models that reveal the impact of every action, from small improvement initiatives to large scale implementation projects.

Process Mining Enhancement:

While process mining is based on historical data, the mined data can be used as the basis for future simulation models. Thereby, BPS enables organisations to expand these insights into forward-looking scenarios.

Become a BPS Practitioner

Why should you start your Business Process Simulation journey?

Embarking on a Business Process Simulation journey equips your organisation for strategic success. Process Simulation facilitates quick, data-driven decisions, boosts efficiency and fosters continuous improvement across your organisation, on top of process mining. Lay the groundwork for a Digital Twin of your Organisation and prioritise based on what outcomes matter most.

Getting started with BPS is effortless with Silico’s streamlined 4-week Proof of Value, allowing you to swiftly harness the value of BPS and significantly enhance your organisation’s processes, following on from your process mining use cases.

how Business Process Simulation Works Alongside Process Mining

Looking to uncover the opportunities hiding in your processes beyond your process mining insights?

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