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Streamline and Optimise your Order-to-Cash Process with Silico’s Business Process Simulation

Unlock the true potential of your Order-to-Cash process and achieve the KPIs that matter to your business success: enhance customer experience, maximise revenue, and reduce costs simultaneously

Create a Digital Twin of your Order-to-Cash process to ensure customers receive orders on time and optimise your process to avoid delivery blocks, rejections, returns, and rework. With accelerated Order-to-Cash cycles, from order management to accounts receivables, you can boost cash flow, revenue, and working capital management.

That’s why transformation teams use Silico to analyse and future-proof Order-to-Cash processes, test alternative process designs, and optimise the ROI of their transformation initiative. Gain continuous monitoring, analysis, and optimisation capabilities for your Order-to-Cash process. Take advantage of Silico’s Business Process Simulation (BPS) to gain a competitive edge, elevate customer experiences, and drive sustainable business growth.

“With Silico, we can iteratively develop business process simulation models that predict the impact of future changes on our order-to-cash process and link those directly to business outcomes and financials even where processes are not system-based and without months of data collection.”

What are the Benefits of using Silico for your Order-to-Cash process?

Business Process Simulation optimises Order-to-Cash processes, enabling timely order fulfilment, minimising delivery issues, and maximising cash flow and revenue:

Optimise process efficiency

efficiency Improve your Order-to-Cash process to reduce processing times, costs, and accumulating backlogs and queues.

Improve customer relationships:

Deliver orders quicker and more reliably to improve customer experience, relationships, and retention.

Increase revenue:

Generate revenue quicker by fulfilling orders earlier to optimise cash flow and free up working capital.

How to get started with your Order-to-Cash Simulation

Silico can analyse your existing Order-to-Cash process and evaluate alternative process designs in four weeks with just:

An understanding of your process from either process mapping, process mining, business intelligence tools, or discussions with your team

Your ideas for scenarios to challenge and future-proof your processes in forward-looking circumstances

Your ideas for process improvements and transformation initiatives that require testing and evaluation

A full Digital Twin of your Order-to-Cash process also requires:

Real-time data integration to your relevant systems.

An understanding of decisions and problems of your operational decision-makers

How it Works...

Let’s take a look at how an Order-to-Cash process simulation model works with Silico:

Model your business in Silico

Use existing process assets, including process maps and mining graphs, to virtually replicate your processes and link processes together and to commercial outcomes.

Synchronise with real-time data

We integrate all relevant data sources, including process mining, process maps, and task mining, as well as ERP and CRM systems.

Analyse your as-is process

Run forward-looking scenarios to ensure your processes are future-proof, identify issues before they occur, and focus transformation efforts.

Prioritise process changes

Silico provides a risk-free, virtual environment to experiment with improvement ideas to identify the actionable process changes that optimise the KPIs that matter to your stakeholders.

Optimise your process

Monitor your processes in real time and use advanced AI features to identify the most impactful improvement initiatives and operational actions for optimal business process performance.

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