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Silico FAQs

Is Silico a SaaS vendor, and is it available as a locally deployed solution?

Can I integrate data directly from my CRM or ERP system (e.g. SAP) into a Silico model?

What is Silico’s pricing model?

How is Silico’s software managed?

What is Silico’s Support Model?

Does Silico integrate with OKTA?

What level of expertise is required to use Silico?

How is Silico different to Process Mapping?

How is Silico different to Process Mining, such as Celonis or MS Minit?

How is Silico different to SAP?

What if I don’t have good enough data to run my simulation?

How do we test and validate our models?

How long does it take to build a simulation model for an enterprise and have a completed dashboard interface?

Our vision is that one day every business will have the opportunity to make their decisions in Silico and harness the power of AI to optimise outcomes.

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