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Digital Twin of the Organisation

What is a Digital Twin of the Organisation?

A Digital Twin of the Organisation (DTO) is a virtual representation of an entire organisation, such as a large enterprise. A Digital Twin synchronises and integrates real-time data from across your enterprise systems. This enables monitoring and experimentation based on a software model of your organisation and supports informed, data-driven decisions.

Why should you have a Digital Twin of the Organisation?

A Digital Twin of the Organisation can provide a single source of truth for all stakeholders. This ensures your organisation can monitor processes, assets, and performance in real time and make decisions based on the most recent, accurate, and reliable information. By using advanced representations of your processes, linking them together, and connecting them to commercial outcomes, Digital Twins provide insight into future performance and challenges that lie ahead.

DTOs facilitate scenario planning, allowing companies to simulate and evaluate different business scenarios and their outcomes. This capability enables organisations to assess the impact of strategic decisions before implementation, reducing risks and optimising results.

“Silico’s Business Process Simulation has been a game-changer for our process excellence initiative. By utilising the Digital Twin of our processes, we could identify and pre-empt potential issues before they arise, saving us significant time and resources.”

How can Business Process Simulation create a Digital Twin of the Organisation?

Process Simulation is the method of rapidly developing a Digital Twin of processes and, over time, connecting and expanding individual Process Twins to progress towards an entire DTO.

Process Simulation showcases the concept and usefulness of a Digital Twin rapidly by focusing on smaller-scale implementations. Thereby, it avoids treating the development of a DTO as along, risky, time-consuming, and costly project. Process Simulation develops incredibly valuable Process Twins rapidly, which support transformation and operation steams at minimal time and costs.

BPS then enables the Digital Twin of the Organisation by connecting and expanding Process Twins over time. These connections unlock synergistic effects with additional value. They allow large enterprises to fully realise the vision of a Process Twin that captures the complexity and interconnectedness of entire organisations.

How does a Silico Digital Twin of the Organisation differ from what other technologies define as a Digital Twin of the Organisation?

A true Digital Twin of the Organisation requires data integration to multiple enterprise systems, needs to capture the organisation holistically, and provides forward-looking insights. Many other providers that market themselves as providers of Digital Twin technology are vendor-specific, cover only single processes, and focus on analysing historical data.

Instead, Silico provides a Digital Twin platform that can connect to all your IT systems as data sources, can be used to build dynamic Digital Twins of processes that can be connected to each other as well as other elements of the organisation, and focuses on testing decisions before implementation in forward-looking circumstances.


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Our Simulations provide you with the opportunity to offer an easy-to-use, new service to your clients to drive extra value out of the relationships for minimal effort.


We are one of the first to learn a new and growing disciple. As a partner, Silico will provide a top-class training course and 4 training sessions to enable you to be an expert in Business Process Simulation.

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Access to Silico Platform:

Partners are able to use the Silico platform for free to better learn how to use it and to provide demos and proof of value to clients.

What are the benefits of having a Digital Twin of the Organisation?

The time is now ripe to make the most of your organisation's data and information. Business Process Simulation (BPS) is a state-of-the-art simulation methodology that enables the Digital Twin of the Organisation (DTO). It builds on the existing process ecosystem and leverages your information to rapidly build Digital Twins of your processes, connect them to commercial outcomes, test different scenarios, and identify the best course of action. With process simulation, businesses can visualise how changes to their processes will impact efficiency, costs, and productivity, enabling them to make informed decisions and take action to optimise their operations.

Monitor your entire organisation in real-time:

Stay informed about your organisation's progress and divergences from plans with all the necessary information at your fingertips.

Be prepared for every eventuality:

Use the DTO for scenario planning and what-if analysis to ensure you can take advantage of opportunities and mitigate adverse changes as they arise.

Optimise your decisions:

Test and iterate through decisions virtually before implementing them in the real world to derive optimal courses of action.

Align your entire organisation:

Ensure decisions across your organisation are based on the same information and contribute to achieving your organisation's strategic     objectives.

Which processes can you improve with Business Process Simulation?


Meeting customer expectations without commercial sacrifices can be difficult. BPS can aid you in unlocking revenue, reducing costs, and improving customer relationships.


Procurement processes are critical. BPS ensures that your purchasing processes minimise costs and inventory risks simultaneously.

Supply Chain:

Supply chains are complex, and their transformation is challenging. BPS optimises your supply chains to eliminate damage to customer experience and your bottom line.

Finance Transformation:

Processes can require significant working capital. Use BPS to unlock new levels of efficiency and make informed decisions that positively impact cash flow at pace.

Become a BPS Practitioner

How can a Digital Twin Technology help optimise your business processes?

Individual Process Twins and entire Digital Twins of the Organisation are incredibly valuable. Rapidly developed Process Twins allow transformation teams to iterate through the DMAIC cycle quickly and stress-test processes and identify issues before they affect the business. They can then redesign the process virtually to test potential improvements and maximise the ROI of their changes.

Similarly, process owners and operations teams can also use the Digital Twin of the process to optimise, for example, capacity and inventory management. Connecting such Process Twins to create a DTO that reflects the entire organisation unlocks synergistic effects with additional value, including revealing side-effects of decisions.

How to create a Digital Twin of the Organisation?

For organisations implementing a Digital Process Twin, starting small and gradually scaling up the Digital Twin is widely recommended. This is the core of Silico's Business Process Simulation (BPS) methodology, which enables the Digital Twin of the Organisation to rapidly develop valuable Digital Twins of individual processes and connect them over time to create a full DTO.

Select a process to start with, translate your existing resources, such as process maps and mining graphs, into a Digital Twin of the process, synchronise data sources, and explore future outcomes and better decisions. Over time, expand your initial Process Twin and connect Process Twins to another to develop your full DTO.