No code simulation platform for the Enterprise

Silico helps teams build powerful simulation models so that they can make better decisions.


Build powerful models

Create powerful analytical models using simple drag and drop functionality. Layer on granularity to recreate the most complex of systems.


Capture key interdepencies

The power of Silico helps you to advance your analytics beyond simple linear projections and forecasts


Connect directly to data

Silico's Enterprise solution enables you to connect directly to multiple data sources for real-time updates to your model.


Optimise and Discover Insights 

Silico gives you the power to run millions of scenarios while its intelligent AI helps you work out the optimal intervention to improve system performance.  


Collaborate and report

Silico is built to enable collaboration between teams ensuring that specialist knowledge can be shared and included. Collaborate at the level of complexity that suits your business, from simple file sharing through to publishing to data science workbenches or production systems

Build powerful models

  • Easy to use model builder
  • Intuitive simulation modelling framework
  • Model any system, process or operation

Create and Simulate scenarios

  • Model ‘What-if’ scenarios
  • Understand second and third order relationships
  • Simulate multiple future scenarios

Connect directly to data

  • Support for .csv ingest and output
  • Out of the box SQL connections
  • Library of custom connectors to bespoke data sources

Optimise and discover insights 

  • Run millions of scenarios at the press of a button
  • Silico finds the optimal set of actions to achieve your business objectives
  • Receive real-time insights in-app or via email

Collaborate, report and integrate

  • One click to publish and share as a private and secure web page
  • Export data to visualise in BI applications such as Power BI or Tableau
  • Publish models in Python, R, C, Javascript and Rust

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