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Accelerate towards Process Excellence with Business Process Simulation

In today’s challenging business landscape, processes face increasingly severe constraints. From capacity limitations to rising customer requirements and fluctuating case volumes, process professionals struggle to maintain performance in these adverse conditions. That’s where Business Process Simulation (BPS) steps in. By utilising Process Simulation, you can ensure that your processes remain not just functional, but optimal, even in the face of adversity.

Leverage your existing process assets to develop a Digital Twin of your processes, enabling you to speed up the DMAIC cycle and unlock the true power of your organisation. The result? Improved performance, enhanced productivity, reduced costs, increased customer satisfaction, and rapid progress towards your organisation’s objectives.

Experience the transformative impact of Business Process Simulation and drive your Process Excellence to new heights.

“Silico’s Business Process Simulation has been a game-changer for our process excellence initiative. By utilising the Digital Twin of our processes, we could identify and pre-empt potential issues before they arise, saving us significant time and resources.”

What are the Benefits of Using Silico for Process Excellence?

Business Process Simulation expedites Process Excellence initiatives, enabling professionals to iterate through the DMAIC cycle rapidly, even for complex processes.

Proactive Problem Pre-emption:

Foresee process issues and forecast performance in forward-looking scenarios to pre-empt problems before they occur. Proactively address potential bottlenecks, errors, and inefficiencies.

Effective Process Improvements:

Test process changes, including capacity adjustments and complete process redesigns, to evaluate improvement options and identify the most efficient and effective solutions.

Ensure Impactful Implementation:

Simulation enables organisations to monitor and track progress to intervene promptly, ensuring that outcomes align with stakeholder expectations and achieve desired results.

Continuous Process Optimisation:

Continuously adjust and fine-tune your process management. Ensures your Process Excellence reaches new heights. Stay responsive to changing needs, embrace innovation, and drive continuous improvement to maintain a competitive edge.

How to get started with Business Process Simulation for Process Excellence?

Silico can develop a Digital Twin of your process in as little as four weeks to turbocharge your Process Excellence initiative with:

An understanding of your process from either process mapping, process mining, business intelligence tools, or discussions with your team

Your ideas for scenarios to challenge and future-proof your processes in forward-looking circumstances

Your ideas for process improvements and transformation initiatives that require testing and evaluation

A full Digital Twin of your process for continuous optimisation also requires:

Real-time data integration to your relevant systems

An understanding of decisions and problems of your operational decision-makers

How it Works...

Let’s take a look at how simulation with Silico for Process Excellence works:

Model your business in Silico

Use existing process assets, including process maps and mining graphs, to virtually replicate your processes and link processes together and to commercial outcomes.

Synchronise with real-time data

We integrate all relevant data sources, including process mining, process maps, and task mining, as well as ERP and CRM systems.

Analyse your as-is process

Run forward-looking scenarios to ensure your processes are future-proof, identify issues before they occur, and focus transformation efforts.

Prioritise process changes

Silico provides a risk-free, virtual environment to experiment with improvement ideas to identify the actionable process changes that optimise the KPIs that matter to your stakeholders.

Optimise your process

Monitor your processes in real time and use advanced AI features to identify the most impactful improvement initiatives and operational actions for optimal business process performance.

Take your Process Excellence to the Next Level

What are the different roles involved in process simulation during Process Excellence Initiatives?

Executive Leadership

Rapidly ensure that your business processes are fit for purpose, can execute your future strategy, and contribute towards achieving strategic objectives.

Process Improvement Managers and Specialists

Lead and coordinate process improvement efforts across the organisation to maximise the ROI of your process changes.

Change Management Professionals

Communicate the need to change, overcome resistance to change, and make the business case for planned improvements to get stakeholder buy-in.

Process Owners

Ensure optimal process performance through dynamic process management facilitated by Digital Twins.

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