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Simulation Modelling Tools for Telecom Operators
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Simulation Modelling Tools for Telecom Operators

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As consumers, it’s easy to take telco operators for granted. After all, providing infrastructure isn’t a particularly sexy business. Think of the motor industry as a parallel. People can fall in love with their cars, but they only really notice the roads when there are problems – congestion, roadworks or potholes.  

In many ways, the same can be said for technology. Telco operators provide the necessary infrastructure to support every major tech trend. Cloud services, Internet-of-Things (IoT), AR/VR, the metaverse, autonomous vehicles and advanced robotics – none of these would be feasible without modern networks. But recent years have seen telco operators struggle to drive returns - investing heavily in infrastructure to cope with spiralling demand for bandwidth but seeing other tech titans leapfrog them in value.  

The advent of 5G provides an opportunity for telco operators to drive a new wave of innovation, and potentially capture a greater share of value. But ensuring profitability in a competitive and regulated industry is not easy. To succeed, organisations need to continuously optimise business processes and ensure efficient, effective and agile operations.  

In support of that goal, telco operators are realising that traditional business process management and mining tools are simply not up to the job. These approaches may succeed in mapping out existing processes and monitoring historic performance. But they are rooted in retrospective analysis, lack the ability to easily integrate data from across operating silos (to understand end-to-end business operations), or model the impact of process changes and future scenarios.  

Cue Digital Twin Technology 

Digital twin technologies address these shortcomings, with tools being used such as Silico. Not only will they help organisations drive efficiencies in day-to-day business functions – optimising processes like customer acquisition, customer service and procurement. They will also help guide better strategic decisions.  

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Although 5G opens a raft of opportunities for technology innovation (particularly in B2B), telco operators cannot be all things to all customers. Each operator will need to focus and prioritise efforts on specific sectors and/or geographies. The ability to model future scenarios and new business processes will be crucial in supporting those decisions.  

Equally, as telcos look to digitally transform their own operations, there is no point boosting the throughput of one process, only to find it causes a severe bottleneck elsewhere in the business. Prioritising and coordinating digital transformation initiatives will be crucial in maximising their enterprise value, and doing so effectively will require simulation of end-to-end processes and operations.  

Looking to learn more about how a digital twin can help you as a telecom operator? Watch our video to learn more.