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Silico partners with Soroco to Combine Task Mining with Process Simulation
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Silico partners with Soroco to Combine Task Mining with Process Simulation

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08:00 BST, 21 September 2023, London, UKSilico, the Business Process Simulation platform, has announced a strategic partnership with Soroco, a leading innovator in task mining and the world’s first work graph company. This collaboration aims to extend both companies’ process improvement offerings by combining Silico's cutting-edge Business Process Simulation Platform with Soroco's innovative work graph platform, Scout.

Leveraging Soroco’s flagship product, Scout with Silico’s Process Simulation platform, their customers will be able to:

  • Integrate work graphs with Process Simulation to create interactive Digital Twins that provide insights into the effects of process changes on strategic metrics.
  • Model and simulate changes to various process metrics, allowing for predictions of the impacts of these process changes before you make them.
  • Evaluate the consequences of redesigning specific elements of a process, ensuring alignment with desired outcomes and commercial KPIs.
  • Identify new routes for process enhancement as the operational landscape evolves, fostering continuous improvement.

This combined approach enables businesses to discover new process enhancement opportunities, gain comprehensive insights into operational intricacies, and conduct real-time tests of process modifications with immediate visibility. This partnership introduces an end-to-end process improvement capability that spans process discovery, optimisation, and continuous monitoring, delivering substantial value to both new and existing clients.

John Hill, CEO of Silico, comments: "We are excited about our collaboration with Soroco. This partnership bridges Soroco's Task Mining expertise and Silico's Process Simulation capabilities, offering our customers unique opportunities to unveil enhanced process improvement strategies and elevate the strategic significance of their operations. The fusion of Task Mining and Process Simulation represents the natural progression for organisations dedicated to advancing process excellence."

Munjal Jhala, Global Head of Partnerships & Alliances, Soroco, adds: "Understanding how teams operate is pivotal for our clients’ digital transformation journey and integrating Silico's capabilities into our portfolio is a significant step. Our ability to uncover deep insights with AI and interaction data and visualise these in real-time through the work graph, combined with Silico's Process Simulation innovation, ensures that our clients achieve their digital transformation goals."

The partnership between Silico and Soroco signals a new era of process enhancement, where work graph insights converge seamlessly with dynamic Process Simulation, offering businesses the means to implement transformative changes in their operations.


About Silico

Silico is enabling the rapid creation of a Digital Twin of the Organisation through Business Process Simulation (BPS). Through powerful, forward-looking process simulation, businesses can uncover and unlock the opportunities hiding in their processes that fuel business growth, making their business more profitable and captivating their customers. Using Silico, companies can test process changes and see their impact immediately before implementing them in the real world, visualising the connected state of the business now and into the future. 

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About Soroco

Soroco is on a mission to change how the world gets work done. Powered by multiple patents, its flagship product, the Scout AI model, generates a work graph - a map of hidden pains teams experience at work and their impact on business outcomes. Today, this graph drives productivity improvements in 100s of organizations globally, including several Fortune 500 companies. 

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