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Silico launches new Process Mining to Process Simulation course
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Silico launches new Process Mining to Process Simulation course

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In the ever-evolving landscape of process optimisation and digital transformation, organisations constantly seek innovative ways to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance productivity. Process mining is a helpful innovation that allows us to understand how processes are carried out. It also provides insights on how to improve them.

But what happens when you want to take your process improvement efforts further and explore the impact of optimisation or transformation ideas before implementing them? This is where Business Process Simulation comes into play, and our new 'Process Mining to Process Simulation course.

Silico, the Business Process Simulation platform, empowers process mining software users with the skills they need to harness the full potential of process simulation. Silico has recently launched a free online self-paced course aimed at teaching users how to turn process mining into Process Simulation and realise the additional value this brings. 

In this blog post, we will delve into the importance of Process Simulation and explore what Silico's new online Process Simulation course has to offer.

Enrol in the free Process Mining to Process Simulation course

What is Business Process Simulation

Before delving into the details of Silico's process mining to Process Simulation course, it's essential to understand the basic concept of simulation and why it matters in the realm of business optimisation and transformation.

Process Simulation is a tool that measures and finds problems in processes in a virtual environment called a Digital Twin. You can use this to find the optimal combination of process changes to enhance the performance of an organisation. A standout feature of Process Simulation is its capability to generate solutions and explore what-if scenarios at pace.

The Value of Business Process Simulation

Process Simulation is important in Business Process Management, helping to fill a gap in achieving process excellence.

In Business Process Management (BPM), the main focus is analysing data using process mapping and process mining tools. The goal is to understand and measure process performance. However, Process Simulation takes this analysis to a deeper level.

Process Simulation acts as the vital link connecting data-derived insights to strategic decision-making. It easily integrates into the process ecosystem by enabling organisations to construct and simulate scenarios within their processes.

Organisations can make well-informed decisions regarding process enhancements and optimisations by creating a Digital Twin to test proposed changes. This enables them to thoroughly evaluate the potential outcomes, assess associated risks, and quantify the benefits of changes before deploying them in a real-world setting.

Simulation allows users to make changes to processes and see how it affects their organisation's performance, efficiency, and productivity. Moving beyond static analysis allows the exploration of ideas and "what if" questions that process mapping and mining alone cannot fully address.

Silico's Free Online Course: Empowering Process Mining Users 

Silico understands the value of using process mining to improve Process Simulations. That's why we created an online course on Process Simulation. This self-paced Process Simulation course is designed to teach process mining users the knowledge they need, whether beginners or experienced professionals. Those that enrol will learn to use mined data in simulations that enhance process optimisation and digital transformation efforts.

Some of the topics covered in Silico's Process Mining to Process Simulation course include:

  • Structuring a Digital Twin
  • Enriching a Digital Twin with Process Mined data
  • Identifying and Defining Problems
  • Implementing Process Changes
  • Driving Value from Digital Twins
  • Controlling Processes and Implementations

Enrol in the free Process Mining to Process Simulation course


This course is dedicated to empowering process mining users to explore the value and insight possible through process simulation, empowering them to drive positive data-driven change within their organisations. 

Whether you're new to Process Simulation or looking to enhance your skills, Silico's courses are a valuable resource on your journey to process excellence. 

Enrol today and take your Process Mining efforts to the next level!