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From Process to Operational and Business Excellence through Digital Twins
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From Process to Operational and Business Excellence through Digital Twins

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Process Excellence is the continuous optimisation of your business processes to maximise efficiency, consistency, quality, speed, and customer value. It refers to the culture and mindset to pursue ever-better processes, adapt processes to new conditions and circumstances, and make continuous changes to improve outcomes. In a previous blog, we have shown how Business Process Simulation (BPS) can ensure you get the most out of your Process Excellence activities. This blog will investigate how Digital Twins take your company two steps further: from Process Excellence to Operational Excellence to Business Excellence.

What are the Benefits of Process Excellence?

According to the Process Excellence (PEX) Network, nearly three-quarters of companies pursue either cost savings and efficiency improvements, revenue growth, or customer satisfaction and retention as their primary outcomes of Process Excellence. With solid performance across these outcomes in many case studies:

While companies initiating Process Excellence programmes can generate many benefits, just improving processes’ design and structure should not be your company’s only pursuit. It is also critical that those processes are well-managed day-to-day and aligned with all other elements of the business.

From Process to Operational Excellence

The Digital Twins you have developed to accelerate your Process Excellence work can also be used by process owners and operational managers, taking your organisation from Process to Operational Excellence. Among many other use cases, the Digital Twins can be used to support, among others, capacity management and allocation, inventory management, and supply chain management. Operators can build scenarios based on the latest data from across your organisation and identify, for example, what FTE capacity is required to fulfil rising order volume assumptions provided by the sales teams.

“[Simulation] is playing a vital role in changing the way that our organisation manages staffing. We are able to demonstrate to our management team that, through modelling, if we can build a little more capacity into the system, we would have the flexibility to respond to demand. This not only changes over a 24-hour period but seasonally too, and we are able to deal with all of that.”

Karen Ogborn, Chief of Staff at Crimestoppers, in PEX Network’s 2023 Report

Often, Silico’s Digital Twin can easily be used in operational decision-making without additional development work. Having used BPS for its process improvement work, a fully functional Digital Twin has already been developed. It only requires syncing up to real-time data sources and interfaces, such as dashboards for operational decisions making.

From Operational to Business Excellence using a Digital Twin of the Enterprise

The initial Digital Twin of a process that supports process improvements and operational decision-making can be expanded step-by-step and iteratively until a full Digital Twin of the Enterprise (DTE) is developed - taking you from Process and Operational Excellence to Business Excellence. The value of linking up processes in a single DTE is greater than the value of its component process twins. For example, linking a lead-to-order process to an order-to-cash process provides improved estimates of upcoming order volumes, enabling improved capacity management in the order-to-cash process.

By creating an initial model for selected parts of your business that scales up and expands over time, BPS ensures the success of your DTE and Business Excellence initiative. Building an initial BPS model for selected processes reduces complexity and risks. It speeds up the time to create a Digital Twin that is valuable for a specific set of stakeholders and can demonstrate the power of DTEs to get buy-in for its next iteration.

Start the Journey from Process to Operational and Business Excellence today! 

Turn your Process Excellence capabilities into Operational and Business Excellence competences. Silico’s powerful simulation platform is built from the ground up to facilitate this expansion, enabling you to gain FutureSight of more and more of your organisation at minimum risk, time, and cost. Unlock that power for your company today!

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