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Silico provides a simple framework for advanced modelling without writing a single line of code and we are on a mission to help companies to make better decisions. 

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Marketing Analytics

An integrated marketing analytics strategy is fundamental to driving growth at successful companies. And yet, calculations of ROI are often not enough to impress business leaders when budgets are allocated. Silico changes this dynamic putting ROI forecasts at the centre of business decision making.

  • Use ROI measures to build forward looking models
  • Test future budgetary impact of ROI changes
  • Join several ROI metrics together and analyse dependencies
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Supply Chain Stress Testing

As supply chain resilience comes under increasing scrutiny from geo-political decision making, it is more important than ever to have a holistic view of your exposures and sensitivities. Often, it is the combination of several factors that can have unforeseen consequences on your business.

  • Rapidly build detailed supply chain models
  • Break links in the chain and test sensitivity
  • Subject your supply chain to potential stressed events before the occur
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Capacity Planning

One of the biggest challenges at any business is the budgetary planning cycle and its relationship to resource allocation. Modelling your customer growth against your internal resources, and remaining ahead of the curve, can be the difference between success and failure.

  • Intuitively model the flows of your demand and capacity
  • Analyse multiple ‘what if’ scenarios and track your progress against them
  • Use sensitivity analysis to identify potential bottlenecks or inefficiencies 
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Workforce Analytics

Workforce dynamics can be particularly difficult to model using traditional tools due to the complex paths people can take across an organisation, and the importance of time delays in the hiring and onboarding process as well as dynamic attrition of the workforce. Planning ahead therefore calls for more powerful modelling tools

  • Capture the impact of time delays and explore sensitivities
  • Build out recruitment and retention plans under a range of scenarios
  • Set workforce composition targets and track progress against them through time
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Financial Planning

Integrated Financial planning that maps budget inputs to KPIs and business is increasingly important as business model complexity and the speed of innovation continues to increase. . And yet, budgets are often built based on static and backwards looking analytics using the same tools used since the dawn of the information age.

  • Build forward looking models which capture complex interdependencies
  • Test impact on KPIs of a range of budget scenarios
  • Identify optimal inputs to achieve dynamic business objectives
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