Bringing the power of foresight to the

Challenge of Marketing Analytics

Find out how you can use Silico to generate foresight for better planning under uncertainty

The Landscape

Traditionally Marketing Analytics has been focused on what impact Marketing has on the business, usually measured by ROI or something similar. Huge effort is made to link marketing activities to revenue generation by linking leads to sales, measuring website or social media traffic, or recording event footfall.

The Challenge

The Solution

The challenge then is how to deploy all this intelligence in a way that helps to optimise the mix of marketing channels for each business. Don’t you wish you could investigate the impact of pulling the levers  - for example to dial up e direct marketing, and dial down social media spend, and how these decisions would jointly impact on the bottom line -  without having to expensively test it all in the real world?

The answer is Silico and our framework for testing marketing strategies. With the Silico software you can quickly create accurate models of your entire marketing process. Within a few clicks you can use the intelligence that you have built up and deploy your marketing metrics in a comprehensive model that allows you to use advanced analytics to run your own ‘what if’ scenarios and evaluate their impact.

Marketing Analytics with true foresight


Question 1

Why this is important?

Understanding the dependencies between different marketing strategies is not easy. It is too complex to easily understand in a spreadsheet and is too dynamic to spend the time coding into a data science notebook. With Sheetless, our no code easy to understand interface, enables senior decision makers to fully understand any relationships or assumptions that their business analysts have made, enabling the CMO for the first time to tell a clear story that is backed up with easy to understand visual analytics.

Question 2

What is the impact?

Silico allows you to use the data you already have to answer a range of questions including:

  • What is my optimal marketing approach?
  • How is my strategy likely to perform in the long run?
  • Where can I reduce/increase budget and have the minimum/maximum impact on return?
  • What should I prioritise next year if the market is going to change?

Question 3

How does this fit with my current approach?

Using the type of advanced analytics that Silico provides is a simple way of enhancing all your current tools. You can think of Silico as a sandbox that you can use to link together different marketing metrics and analyse all your marketing strategies. If you are the type of organisation that already has a range of marketing analytics, then Silico can reach across the silos and bring those analytics together.

Question 4

How easy is the technology to install?

Silico believes in the accessibility and compatibility of offering Software as a Service (SaaS). The Silico solution will run through any browser and users can be up and running within a couple of clicks. Silico offers a free access for interested users which provides modelling access for creation of a single model. Our development cycle ensures that enhancements are regularly made available to all users. Where required the software can be deployed on any private cloud giving authenticated access and extra layers of security.

Question 5

How easy is Silico to use?

Silico is incredibly intuitive by design. The basic premise can be understood in seconds, you can build your first simple model in minutes, and your results can be viewed instantly. From there, you can continue to layer on detail until you are satisfied; the final complexity is ultimately up to you. And if someone else needs to come back and iterate your work, the visual nature of the interface means that anyone can understand what the model does and build upon it.

Question 6

What level of support does Silico provide?

Silico provides 24-hour support via our online support portal, which also hosts our ever-expanding online community of expert users. Silico is based in London and currently follows UK office hours providing in person support from 8am through to 6pm GMT.