Keeping the business in Sync


Question 1

What does Silico Sync do?

Silico Sync is a data integration layer which lets you configure multiple data sources from across the organisation and make them available for consumption by the Decision Models you build in Silico Studio.

Question 2

Which Data Sources are supported?

Silico Sync currently supports a range of standard Enterprise data sources, including Data Lakes, Data Warehouses, Databases and API-driven services. This list is growing quickly and new data sources can be added on customer request.

Question 3

Am I able to use Silico Sync on the Free plan?

Yes, but we currently only support .csv file uploads on the Free plan. There is a file size restriction on .csv uploads.

Question 4

Can I use Silico Sync to export data?

Yes, Silico Sync gives you two-way support for data workflows. Data generated inside Silico Studio can be exported back to storage using a range of supported workflows.

Question 5

Who uses Silico Sync?

Typically, Silico Sync is used by Enterprise Data Architects or Data Engineers to configure the data feeds used by the Data Scientists or Business Analysts building Decision Models in Silico Studio.

Question 6

How do I get access to Silico Sync?

To get in touch, simply send us a contact form by using the Contact Us section on the website and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.