Announcing Silico

John Hill
January 4, 2021

Sheetless is now Silico

Today, we have some very special news regarding the evolution of our company.

Sheetless is now Silico. This new identity aligns with our new focus — to help leaders achieve the power of foresight so that they can make better decisions.

Our Origins

In 2019, we started with a simple goal. To build an easy-to-use simulation framework to enable modellers and data scientists to recreate the systems around them in order to gain new insights into their behaviour, and to identify the best interventions to make to encourage them to behave in beneficial ways.

We grew quickly to a community of over 2,000 modellers and data scientists using our software to model everything from marketing lead generation, to supply chain resilience, to Covid Vaccine roll-out programmes.

Since then we have been working tirelessly to make the software fit to tackle the challenges of large Enterprises and continue to work on innovative features to support our mission of helping the world's largest organisations to make better decisions.

Our Renewed Focus: Build, Learn, Innovate

2021 will see us renew our efforts on building high quality software, continuing to learn from our users and customers about their vision for using simulation to support their objectives, and aiming to delight our users with new and more powerful ways of performing analytics.

Our New Brand: Silico

As we expand our outlook and deepen our engagement with large Enterprises, we felt that this new focus merited a new identity.

As of today, we are re-establishing our brand identity as Silico.

The new Silico logo

In biology and other experimental sciences, an in silico experiment is one performed on computer or via computer simulation. The phrase is pseudo-Latin for "in silicon", referring to silicon in computer chip

The new logo is a nod to the visual metaphor of a mirror. Silico lets you produce a virtual mirror image (a simulation) of your business where you can safely experiment "in Silico".

Our Pre-Seed funding round

To support our mission we are excited to announce the completion of our Pre-Seed funding round totalling £1.1mn, led by Forward Partners. The new funding ensures that we can continue to  accelerate product development and will help us to better support new and existing customers.

The Path Ahead for Silico

Silico is giving leaders the power of foresight so that they can make better decisions in an uncertain world.

If you're new to our community, welcome! We encourage you to try out the software — it takes just a few minutes to get up and running and our full-featured Community plan is free.

If you're an existing customer — you'll find that none of your existing workflows, pricing plans, or projects have changed. We're more focused than ever on helping you succeed.

Over the next few weeks, we will begin to update our branding across the product, documentation and support site - so look out for that! Look out for some exciting new features that will be landing too.

As always, we are incredibly grateful for your never-ending support. There are many more milestones to come and look forward to having you for company as we continue on this journey.