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Our Mission

We are on a mission to create a world where corporations and governments make better decisions by building the next generation of Decision Intelligence software.

We believe that the next great leap forward in AI and Data Science will come about by bringing humans back into the loop. Humans understand the cause-and-effect structure of how systems work in ways that computers simply can't.

We give those humans no-code tools and empower them to build causal models, connect them to data and leverage AI to synthesise insight into actionable real-world decisions.

We call it Decision Intelligence.

Our Values

Respect cannot be demanded; it can only be earned. At Silico we know that reputations can take a lifetime to build and a second to lose. In all of our interactions we endeavour to earn that respect from the people that choose to work with us.

We like it when people are happy. We want our people to be happy and we want our customers to be happy. Happiness comes through trust, purpose, transparency, and honesty. Creating happiness runs through everything we do at Silico, from how we hire to how we deliver our services.

The world is full or rare flowers, people with a variety of interests that may only precisely intersect with them. These are the type of people that Silico love to work with. We like rare flowers as both our employees and as our customers. We believe that true diversity is not only about a variety in background, culture or race, but also comes from differences in perspective, personality, and thought. 

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Get To Know The Team

John Hill

Ceo & founder

Operating at the intersection of social science and computer science to imagine a world in which people make decisions that create more value.

Chris Spencer

cTO & founder

Building ground-breaking technology as a computer scientist, award-winning developer and the author of multiple simulation software patents.

Rodney Taylor

commercial director

Bringing new technologies to market having managed strategy, sales, and marketing teams in multiple industries over a 20-year career.

Elias Malik

Software engineer

Combining an academic background in mathematics, simulation expertise gained working on satellite control systems and full-stack development.

Belén Ibáñez

UX engineer

Bassist, Beagle owner, funk music and Star Wars lover.  Obsessed with materializing ideas and creating systems. “Do or do not there is no try"

Malcolm Still

software engineer

Building software with a background in mechanical engineering and operational research, experience in the aero, oil and tech industries and a passion for simulation.

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